Garlic scapes

I see these mentioned occasionally and think they look interesting. I’m not the biggest fan of garlic, though I do like it. These are supposed to be a mild version of garlic but there aren’t a lot of recipes for them on the internet. Today I picked up the first load of food from my CSA. It was mostly onions and garlic related things.

I like the idea of the CSA but really, how much garlic and onions can you eat at one time while the food is still fresh (and not offend all your neighbors)?

What I saw of scape recipes was pretty dull. But there was one that suggested grilling them. I can do that. I threw in some peppers and onions. And grilled a chicken breast (I am on a diet after all). It was pretty good. I completely burned one scape. It tasted oddly like marshmallow. The others didn’t really have much in the way of taste. I was worried they’d be woody. But they weren’t, they were very tender. But green beans have more flavor. The chicken breast was perfectly grilled.