Produce report: Lima beans

These are beans grown from the beans I got online from Rancho Gordo. I really like these “Giant White Lima Beans” as he calls them. On the whole I think it’s a lot easier to order them than it is to grow them as I discovered with the black beans.

They didn’t produce much. Each seed pod contained only one or two beans. In the end there is maybe enough for a single bowl of soup if you added a lot of other things to it. There was considerably more of the seed coat than cotyledon which is the bean. I imagine the seed coat is probably edible but while I like to take on some adventurous food preparations in the interest of experimentation, this isn’t one I plan on pursuing.

Another issue is that they are in various states of dryness. Which means I will have to dry them all completely before I use them and I will do that but I had visions of vats of freshly shelled beans simmering in butter and sage, or alongside a pork knuckle the idea being that they’d have some special flavor having never been dried. I dunno. Maybe it makes a difference if they’re never dried but I won’t be finding out.

Maybe next year I’ll grow lentils. Ahahaha.