Using up that pineapple

I hate having things go to waste. The pineapple, bought peeled and cored, cost more than my couch. I had to do something with it. It was a cold and bleak day last Tuesday. I could eat chili all year ’round. I have no idea why it is served “seasonally.” What makes it seasonal? We eat hot food all year. What’s so wrong with chili in June? Anyway, it was a cold and stormy day and chili seemed right. Certainly, right enough for me. I made chili and served it with pineapple raita. It’s fusion. Indian and Tex Mex. Or whatever chili is. Another smash up of cultures.

I made chorizo and turkey chili.  And I ate it with pineapple, cilantro and green onion raita. And it was awesome. And the Royal Mounted Indian Food Police did not arrest me. In fact, though they didn’t say so, I think they liked it.