Squaring the circle

Recycled Chocolate cake. I love doing this shit. I made a chocolate cake for the office on Valentine’s day. God I hate frosting cakes. I admit I know hardly anything about making decent frosting. This is just melted chocolate, butter, raspberry jam and sour cream and it seems difficult to spread to me. Plus I hate thick frosting on cakes but this tastes lovely and who can really complain about chocolate. Well, I can complain about nearly anything but most of the people who work for me wouldn’t.

Usually this cake would have been consumed completely but not everyone in the office was eligible to have it (you had to have participated in our Valentine’s exchange and some people chose not to which is fine, but then, no cake for you. Said gleefully)

So after the mass feeding frenzy, I had 2 large slices leftover and several of the frosting-heavy end pieces. I cut all the frosting off the 2 large slices and threw it and all of the rest of the over-frosted pieces into the cuisineart and processed it with cream. The result was a lovely, easy-to-spread, creamy frosting that is utterly delicious. I pieced together and frosted the slices of cake, making something big enough for two and I will be serving to my friend Sandy with pot pie. More on that tomorrow. Assuming it was edible.


God I hate frosting cakes. I don’t like making frosting and I dislike the actual putting on of the frosting. I made a devil’s food/malt cake for the group lunch this week. I used a quarter cup of malt syrup in the cake. I put a third of a cup of malt syrup in the frosting. It just tasted like chocolate. It wasn’t bad but I wanted the chocolate malt experience.

I frosted it on the base of a cake carrier because I was going to take it to take to work. The lid however, wasn’t high enough to accommodate the cake and squashed onto the cake and when I pulled it off, the entire top cake off on the inside of the carrier lid. I swore at it. Which didn’t help.

Then I scraped it out and reapplied it, covering the whole thing Ovaltine to hide the mess. That worked out alright but I couldn’t put the goddam top on of course. And when I went to cut it, the frosting was too hard to cut nicely. I considered swearing at it again but suspected that wouldn’t do any good either.

I need a frosting recipe.

Happy birthday, Patty

My sister Patty’s birthday was last Saturday and I had the opportunity to buy one of the pretty cakes I see at Pick N Save (Actually Metro Market the small but more expensive version of a Roundy’s super market). It was actually a giant cupcake-shaped little cake. When I cut it (after an abbreviated version of Happy Birthday to You without candles since there were no matches in my mom’s new apartment [note to self]) I was horrified to discover that the huge top of the cake was all frosting. In fact, the thing was mostly frosting (only the yellow and dark brown parts were cake) and in my experience people will run screaming from too much frosting. 

As it happens the frosting was really sort of good. I hesitate to admit that after complaining about the sweet ravioli. Nonetheless, no one would eat much of it. My father would have been horrified.


I love to see the cakes in the display case at the Metro Market. They never fail to make me smile. I wonder though, who buys these? I certainly would never. While I think they are beautiful 

the thought of all that frosting, particularly on a cupcake, is nauseating.