Fried food, gift of the gods

Deep frying is messy and anxiety provoking. Clean up is a nightmare. Why do I do this?

Because it is delicious. Also, I could not waste a gallon of peanut oil. It’s only 15 dollars but still. And I got an idea to make deep fried chicken thigh sandwiches with green goddess dressing.

The recipe I used is here but I really only used the batter concept and I didn’t have toasted soy bean flour. She’s a sort of interesting person and apparently she’s wildly popular. But the batter made fantastic crunchy crust that is deep fried twice for super crispy crunchy delectability. I served them on buns with lettuce tomato and green goddess dressing made from herbs from my garden. I have to say it was a great meal . . . peach tart recipe to follow.

And of course there were fries.