French onion dip

There is a reason one buys French onion dip already prepared. Caramelizing onions is a bitch. And your house stinks for days afterwards. Reeks. I guess reek is overstating it. It’s not a bad smell but it is certainly a smell and one that does not easily go away. Anyway people love French onion dip and really, homemade is a million times better than the stuff that comes in a plastic container. You can caramelize oceans of onions and use them in other things like stew or tacos. They last forever in the refrigerator. Of course oceans of raw onions becomes a very small pond of caramelized ones. Nonetheless, it’s worth it. 

Recipe follows.

French Onion Dip

This makes enough for about 600 people.

2 large red onions (gotta be red) chopped

And then caramelized* and cooled

1 package cream cheese blended with

1 small carton whipping cream

1/4 cup mayonnaise

1/4 cup Miracle Whip 

combine with cooled onions

Caramelized onions

in a large pot put 

2 TB olive oil

2 TB butter

Add onions and on high heat stir frequently for 20 minutes, 

Add 2 tsp worcestershire sauce

reduce to medium and continue to stir frequently 

until the onions are dark brown, about another 20 minutes.