St Nick’s

My sister gave me this ornament for St Nicholas Day, a little holiday our mother always had for us as children. I believe my sister was celebrating one of my culinary, and perhaps my favorite culinary success of the 2020s. (At least there is one thing to celebrate, well, two, OK, three).

French fries, sorta

So I watched a YouTube. Ahahaha ha, I watched 5,279 YouTubes. It’s my new life in time of pandemic. Not that I mind it. There are soooo many things imma make sooner or later. This one was sooner. French fries but not deep fried exactly. Two cookings is a traditional French way to make them. These were, according to the guy who made them, made like British pub fries, sliced, boiled and then roasted at a high temperature. These look great. And they were sorta OK. No one complained, well, except for me. 

I will make these again and not use olive oil. The YT (YouTube) guy said he likes the flavor of olive oil but then again he put paprika, cheese and I think cilantro on his and that has utterly no appeal for me. These were drenched in oil which he insisted you needed to do. I think these could have used a lot less oil and been a lot better. We’ll see next time. That looks frickin’ glorious, though, doesn’t it?

The problem is the tallow

I think I’d make french fries again, if only to see how it goes without the ungainly process of double frying in the stink of beef tallow. While it’s nice to eat hot french fries at home, that beef tallow just smells to holy high hell although they tasted fine the smell as you fry them is revolting.

God I love the Belgians

Everything comes with fries. This light lunch I had at the Brussels Cartoon Museum was a vol au vent of chicken and mushrooms (also what appeared to be little meatballs and I’m hoping that’s what they were and not a some part of the chicken’s anatomy) was delicious.French fries on the side made me weep as I happily ate ’em.The bread was quite good too.

Belgian bulgin’

God, shoot me for that pun but it’s been dying to get out. Lunch yesterday. In my quest to completely understand bolognese before I actually got to Bologna, which is where I am now, I ordered “croque monsieur bolognese.” I had no idea what that might be because a croque monsieur is a ham and cheese sandwich and bolognese is, well, something from Bologna. Bolognese sauce is a kind of tomato based meat sauce. And it ain’t just any tomato sauce. It’s complicated.

Ashish ordered the vol au vent with shrimp and chicken. It is like a pot pie. It came with fries and some kind of mayonnaise. I so love this idea. The croque monsieur bolognese turned out to be an actual croque monsieur sandwich covered with bolognese sauce and swiss cheese. 

It was delicious although it did not come with fries. 

What’s not to like?

My first dinner. I know its Belgium. I know I will be in Italy in 2 days but when Ashish suggested pizza I was all over that. And when he ordered french fries as an appetizer, well, who can argue with that. I assume it’s very Belgian. And if it isn’t I don’t care. They came with a little gravy boat of mayonnaise, which in fact, is Belgian (the mayonnaise, not the gravy boat). The pizzas were amazing!!