Left behind…

As much as is possible I transport food back and forth to and from my cottage every weekend. I try not to buy extra food to leave out there except maybe ketchup and mustard. Somehow though, the food piles up and at the end of the season I have to get it all home. You cannot leave it there because it will freeze and explode and rot and all sorts of havoc will be reeked. I beg people to not leave any food. Take home what you bring. Somehow though, things get left behind. Not deliberately. They just do. But there is also the “Oh, he’ll eat these” left behind food. Except that I won’t. Most of that food I throw away. Too bad. There’s nothing to be done about it.

This is what I brought home. I should mention that I do not drink ANY of the beverages that appear in these pix. Alcoholic or no. And I have not consumed a maraschino cherry since I was 15 and worked at the Kiltie and I saw how disgusting the cherry jar got. I could gag.

My refrigerator is filled with condiments. I poured all the alcohol into one bottle and will serve that to non discriminating guests. (Loralyn).