Snails ruined my keto

Well, to be honest, I ruined my keto. I was not strong enough to resist the allure of escargots. Specifically the puff pastry that comes on top of the escargot at Lake Park Bistro.

The snails themselves, and the surrounding butter and garlic, are keto, that stuff’s all good. It’s the glorious deliciousness of the puff pastry used to sop up the escargot, butter, garlic and parsley juices that’s the offender here.

No regrets, no tears goodbye.


Carol had escargot in Belgium with Ashish. And they both loved it so much that he and I even went back to Bruges to that same restaurant to have it. So when escargot was offered as one of our lunch options at Le Lafayette on Saturday, I knew where Carol was headed. I am so sorry but while I like escargot, I cannot tolerate the eternal garlic vapor lock in which one is enveloped afterward. I had one and immediately regretted it.

Carol seemed not to mind walking around with a garlicky miasma surrounding her all day. And I, too, with just the one snail, was locked in that same inescapable vault.