Roasted soy bean powder

Last year I’d planned to make Korean Market Chicken which is deep fried and requires roasted soy bean powder. After a fairly lengthy search of 3 Asian stores I was not able to find it. Or even find anyone who knew what I was talking about. I am not even sure if they understood what I was saying and I certainly did not know what it was. I ended up making it but without the soy bean powder.

Later, after reading this blog, a friend in San Francisco sent me a pack. I can see why I didn’t find it in the store if, indeed, it was actually in the store.

So, Baltimore

My friend Manny Sch√∂ngut told me about a retrospective show of the artist Joan Mitchell, not Joni, that he was seeing in San Francisco. I love her. (You can see more about her work here but it in no way can feel the way seeing it in person feels). She is an underrated and overlooked artist who, while she had success in her lifetime did not get the recognition that her contemporary, fellow abstract expressionists, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock did. People dismissed her work as too feminine which really annoys me. So when he told me about the show I thought maybe I’d take a trip out to San Fran to see it. But the show was nearing the end of its run and moving on to Baltimore. So I thought, OK, Baltimore. That was back in September or something. The show opened last Sunday. I made a date in my calendar back then hoping that I’d figure out how to do it.

In the meantime, not knowing exactly where Baltimore is, OK, sure it’s somewhere near New York or possibly Boston, I concocted a scheme to include a visit to some friends out there. One in State College, PA, home to Penn State and the Nittany Lions. Another in Carlisle, PA home to Molly Pitcher, not that I knew that at the time. Arranging it was not as easy as it sounds for various reasons I won’t bore you with. But I joined the Baltimore Art Museum so that I could get a timed entry on the opening day. OMG. It was so fabulous.

More on Baltimore in a sec.

Just too tired

My friend Manny sent me some Asian foodstuffs from San Francisco late last year and because, one thing or another, Covid, the weather, or whatever, I have only tried one of them so far and even then I used it because I was just too lazy to make a meal. As it was though, this was delicious even if it was only rice, a little oil and pickled peppers. My neighbors did not call 911 if they heard my screams.

It was somewhat hotter than I’d anticipated. But I’d eat them right out of the jar, full disclosure: I have.