I got that salt info just in time. Although it wasn’t exactly news to me, my wife-in-the-eyes-of-the-Lord had told me this years ago. I was a little late getting to Zaffiro’s. I usually go the day I arrive back in the states after a prolonged trip but this time I wasn’t quite feeling good, cold sore, sore throat so this was a make-up pizza. And deep fried eggplant. It’s always a struggle….salad or eggplant. I love their salad, too. This time eggplant, next time salad. It all evens out.

Produce report: Eggplant

I got 3 small eggplants from my one eggplant (or do I say eggplant plant?). I am not a big lover of eggplant but I love pasta alla Norma. So that’s what I did with them. It was delicious.

No more eggplant tho.

Now what?

The damn eggplant is pooping out fruit like chocolates on a conveyor belt. I’d give them away but who the hell wants eggplant? Personally, I can only accomplish one eggplant meal a week and that’s a huge stretch. To be honest if I actually did have an eggplant meal every week week it’d be about 48 more a year than I currently enjoy. “Enjoy” being a loose description of my enthusiasm. 

Baba ganoush

Or however you spell that. There was an aging eggplant under the detritus of vegetables, or “veg,” as they so annoyingly say on America’s Test Kitchen, in my crisper drawer. And just moments before it was trashable, it made its way to the grill.

Baba ganoush is not one of my go-to foods. In fact, except for the parsley, garlic, tahini and vague taste of burnt, there is no flavor I can discern. The eggplant adds nothing identifiable except long fibrous strands which pretty much seem like hair and therefore render the dish not quite as appetizing as one might like. I didn’t really enjoy seeing the gloopy strands hanging from the lentil chips (Yes, lentil chips) as I dipped into the mess. But I ate it.

Stuffed eggplant

I bought an eggplant with the intention of making pasta alla Norma. I didn’t have the right ingredients for it, namely fresh basil and I ended up making stuffed eggplant. I bought fresh dill to make pea soup and had about 3 pounds of it so I googled eggplant and dill. I found this recipe on a site called Turmeric and Twine. This may be a good recipe for a vegan and the site seems to have some nice recipes and thoughts. It’s pretty besides, but for me, eggplant, meh.

I ate it. But not with gusto.


Or something like it. The French eat it cold. Generally speaking, although there are billions of recipes, each ingredient is sauteed separately and then added together in the sauce, briefly simmered and then let sit overnight. This way it does not turn into the mush you usually get called ratatouille. This isn’t really ratatouille since there is no zucchini and little eggplant. And it has mushrooms not usually found in ratatouille. Come to think of it, it’s not really ratatouille at all. I ate it with ramen noodles. The more I think of it, the less like ratatouille it gets. None the less it was delicious. Eaten hot.