The challenges of life

You’d think that as someone who started his own business, bought a house in France, opened a restaurant, zip lined through rainforests and over Oslo, built a house and scuba dived in shark infested waters (OK, I didn’t do that but I’d do that before I’d build a house again) I’d be a little less cowed at the prospect of making cookies.

I have a lot of egg white and in an effort to rid myself of them, at the suggestion of my sister, I made macaroons. She sent me a recipe she’s had apparently for 70 years and I decided to have at it. First problem, beating egg whites into soft but not dry peaks. I dunno. What does that even mean?? Second issue, the ingredient list has vanilla but it is not added in the process part of the recipe. OK, I can figure that out, I guess. Third problem, almond paste. I have never even heard of it, turns out it’s marzipan, also a problem. I’ve heard of it but never used it or even seen it in a store. Fourth issue, me. Why does everything cause me anxiety.

In the end I had this huge batch of dough, it seemed too much the same thing so I complicated the whole deal by adding sunflower seeds to part of the batch and cocoa powder and mini chocolate chips to another. The sunflower seed macaroons are the hands down favorite.

Portioning out the dough I gave myself a blood blister with the scooper thing. Ziplining, house building, cooking in a commercial kitchen, sharks, and I get injured making macaroons in my own kitchen. Seems about right.

Breakfast fail

I made a key lime pie this past weekend and the by-product is egg whites. While I could have another go at meringue, I decided to make breakfast with them. Not so much.

Key lime pie by-product: Breakfast

I seem to have made quite a few key lime pies this summer. Key lime pie requires only yolks. I never know what to do with all those whites, usually I dump ’em but last time I made them I saved them for some reason. So I had 4 of them in my refrigerator and then I realized that egg whites are the grand and anointed exalted substance of diet breakfasts. All protein, no fat. And certainly no carbs. So I made scrambled egg whites with cottage cheese and chopped hot red peppers.

Fattening dessert, diet breakfast. Seems like a fair trade. I sprayed a bowl with non-stick spray and microwaved the egg whites for like 2 minutes. Added the cottage cheese and peppers afterward.

An early morning bonus is starting your day with flaming lips and a runny nose. The peppers are hot.