Ima tell you what…this stuff is awesome. I haven’t even tasted it but I know it rocks. Made with hot Italian sausage, a mix of cheeses including swiss, cheddar, mozzarella and I forget what else, and the sauce is left over pork sugo I made a while ago (defrosted). I made it for my friend Jason who’s staying at my condo while I’m gone. He’ll eat nearly anything including possibly anchovies, but I thought he’d appreciate a home cooked meal. He’s a cop so I assume he gets most of his caloric intake at Dunkin Donuts.

View from my window

I have never been into a Dunkin Donuts but I can see one from my office. In fact, the Chase Bank building, formerly the Marine Bank, is my view and has been for 35 years. When I first heard that a Dunkin’ Donuts was being installed in there I was horrified. I love that building. It was designed by Harrison and Abramovitz, a great architecture firm that designed, among other things, the spectacular Corning Glass Museum, and had a hand in the UN Building. The glassed in atrium is glorious and I love its green glass exterior. I was sure that putting a Dunkin Donuts into it was going to be a horrible blight on a lovely city landmark. 

But I’ve gotten used to it. And rather than actually blighting the building it seems (to me anyway) to give that corner some sort of big city character. Like the shops in Union Station in Chicago or Grand Central there’s a kind of hubbub that wasn’t there before, and then there’s that warm smell of fried food. Granted it’s just the tiniest bit of big city character. They need an oyster bar and a magazine shop too. That’ll never happen.

The stuff I will not eat

This moved in across the street. I can see it from my office. I could not be less interested.

Thank god because I’d be over there night and day given my lack of self control. I’d be having my mother take out my pants in no time at all. There’s enough food in the office as it is.

That said, it seems most people in the office are thrilled about it.

Dunkin’ Donuts

This is not the kind of thing that would tempt me. But a Dunkin’ Donuts is opening across the street from me. I have grave fear for the waistlines of the people who work here. The welfare of the independently owned coffee shop located below me is at stake too. 

If only Sven, the owner, were a nicer person. I’d give a crap then.