Confit de canard

My friends Tim and Sam made their own confit de canard. If you’re going to mess with your diet, I cannot think of a better way to do it. It was lustrous. 

The process of confitting a canard looks a little daunting. Which is what makes it so appealing to me. Well, that and how delicious it was. As an added bonus, there is all that leftover duck fat which has many delicious uses. 

We arrived at 6 (very unFrench to arrive on time) for the dinner. It was wonderful. I left at 11 thinking our hosts would want to get to bed and, honestly, 5 hours of entertaining is quite enough. I found out the next day that everyone else stayed until 12:30. Now that is very French.

Cassoulet, or something

Loralyn served cassoulet for her 55th birthday. She asked me if I would help her make it and I jumped at the chance. What she really meant, though, was would I make it. By myself. She brought the duck confit. That was thoughtful at least. But the burden of making it fell to me when she had to go see The Sound of Music with her kids. On the whole I’d rather make cassoulet.

I have never made cassoulet before. I am sure that it is not supposed to be the anxiety provoking nightmare I made for myself. Just the can of confit was daunting.

In the end I became so overwhelmed I stopped taking pictures as you can see. But no matter. It was fine. A little too tomato-y but it was delicious. It’s like stew. There is no real right way. We (I) used canned beans and Italian sausages both of which are heretical. There was no way you could tell.