‘Tis the season

As the St Patrick’s Day octave of celebration continues, the uproarious fun of making Guinness Cake was on the schedule. Recipe here. Soaking dried fruit in Guinness stout is the most fun part of the process. It reminds me of myself, except for the stout. I’d prefer to be soaked in cabernet.

Now I have to find some people to foist it all off on. No doubt no one in my office will eat it because it has raisins in it. Actually it doesn’t it has apricots, dates and prunes but the people in my office are, for the most part, a suspicious group, they’ve never met a conspiracy they couldn’t call their own. So they won’t eat it, suspecting, as they will, that there are raisins in or that it might be “raisiny” as someone put it the last time I made something without raisins that he refused to eat.