Blueberries, feh

I read an article about Dr Oz in the New Yorker. It wasn’t particularly flattering (I know nothing about him, except that I dislike his hair) but it does say that he eats blueberries like candy. I’m not sure about the candy analogy. Popcorn seems more apt. Blueberries have little to no taste. I’ve never been a big fan but I bought some.

The article does not mention what the benefits of the blueberries are but it seemed to me that if he’s doing it there must be some pretty good ones. It also doesn’t say how many he’s eating. Are 5 a day enough? 50? I suppose I could go online for this sort of information.

The article does mention the insane food supplements he hawks on his show many of which (actually all mentioned in the New Yorker) seemed not to work and there is no research to back up his claims about the products. He, himself does not take any of them. But he does eat blueberries.

So I’m eating them. Like popcorn. I wonder when I will notice the benefits. I hope soon.