Birthday sadness

It’s been a week but I am still reeling from the disappointment. As a certain special sort of birthday treat I was going to buy myself a box of Dots. Going rogue like this is a once a year, at most, kind of extravagance in which I rarely indulge. It would be one thing if I could eat like 5 of them every couple of days but I cannot. Once the box is open it will be gone in about the time it takes to inhale.

So I went to the store (for other things too, I’m not that crackers) and imagine my disappointment. And now I have to wait another year.

Nothing to chuckle about

I’ve been perfectly happy living my life without the knowledge that these existed. And then bang some evil person introduces me to them and they supplant my personal favorite candy-vice; Dots. I’ve known Chuckles in their original size but have never been crazy about them for one reason or another. (I don’t feel I can go into those reasons without the presence of a therapist.) But now apparently Chuckles comes in the more edible (to me) mini size. And while I like Dots because they are fruit flavored, I do also like licorice, but not spice flavors. Mini Chuckles have licorice and fruit flavors but no spice flavored ones and the fruit flavor is better than Dots to me. They’re just about perfect.

Oh, I’ve got to go, my therapist is returning my call….