Three thumbs-up emojis

I am well into my third month of pain. By the end of February I stopped the no drinking and began limited wine drinking. OK, full-on wine drinking occasionally. What was the point? I was not losing weight, not eating and not drinking. And then, lo and behold, the weight-plateau-log-jam burst open.

I had dropped a fair amount of weight in January and then for nearly a month, over 3 weeks my weight just sat there. I every freaking day I’d weigh myself and…nothing. And then I gave up. I bought a bottle of wine and bingo…I started to lose weight.

Last Saturday I reached my first goal. I need to put another hole in my belt which I really hate doing, it never looks nice, but now I’m on the weight-loss float in the diet parade and I’ve rounded the corner and there’s no going back, ugly belt holes or no.


It seems that 3 glasses is the magic number. For me anyway.