Unpublished draft 2

I happened to notice that I have 24 unpublished drafts on my blog posting list. So I’ve decided to fill in some empty spaces with some of these.

Broccoli soup

I don’t know why this soup isn’t more of a star. It is so easy, so good, so healthy (not that I care about that for a second), and so dietetic (which I do) it should be a staple of the weekly meal line up. The only thing I don’t like is cleaning the damn blender.

Peel the bottom of the stalks, (get one with big stalks), chop them up and add them to a pot with some chopped onion in it. Add a cup of chicken broth. When the stalks are soft, add the florets. Boil for a while longer and then blenderize it all together, adding more stock if it’s too thick. 

Usually I bring it back to the boil and swirl in a TB of butter.