Diet breakfasts continued

I really love my nonstick skillet. I saw Christopher Kimball make a perfect omelet in one. It involves turning the heat off after a few minutes and putting the lid on to let the eggs steam. It works like a charm. It looks a little like a plastic mat of some sort but I just needed to fold it over to make it picture perfect. 

That’s house-made tomatillo sauce. Perfect diet breakfast.

Creative use for leftover sauce

In this case the sauce was from kefte but I often find myself in the position of having just a little leftover sauce that I don’t know what to do with. I thought this was clever. I mean, maybe someone has done this before but I don’t know about it. Eggs poached in something other than water.

The only drawback was that the eggs tasted pretty much like sauce and nothing else. Not that that was bad. Still, it was a diet breakfast, that’s the main thing.

Key lime pie by-product: Breakfast

I seem to have made quite a few key lime pies this summer. Key lime pie requires only yolks. I never know what to do with all those whites, usually I dump ’em but last time I made them I saved them for some reason. So I had 4 of them in my refrigerator and then I realized that egg whites are the grand and anointed exalted substance of diet breakfasts. All protein, no fat. And certainly no carbs. So I made scrambled egg whites with cottage cheese and chopped hot red peppers.

Fattening dessert, diet breakfast. Seems like a fair trade. I sprayed a bowl with non-stick spray and microwaved the egg whites for like 2 minutes. Added the cottage cheese and peppers afterward.

An early morning bonus is starting your day with flaming lips and a runny nose. The peppers are hot.

Dieting, continued

I cannot begin to describe how much I love tomatoes, tomatoes and cottage cheese is the perfect food. Unfortunately these tomatoes which I took a chance on at the farmer’s market tasted OK but the consistency was really wrong. 

Diet breakfast

The picture perfect diet breakfast. I made a key lime pie and had a lot of egg whites left over. Since I am currently on a diet, although not losing weight, I made an egg white omelet with low fat cottage cheese. I love my Le Creuset non stick pan. It is awesome! The omelet wasn’t half bad either.