Sugarless cherry pie

My uncle is diabetic. It’s very hard to think about one person’s dessert needs in the face of a Christmas meal for 25 (and one in which I have made 3 huge lasagnas [more later]). And the task of making a sugarless dessert is probably something I could pass off to someone else. But I know what he likes and it is very simple considering it is a pie for one and it employs only one (pre-made) pie crust.

First of all I love these cherries for their packaging. You just don’t see black food packaging. And then there are the cherries. Sour enough to turn your head inside out. I never really know how much Splenda to put in the pie but no matter how much there is something lacking so I add vanilla and almond extract, last time I used coconut extract and that seemed to work better, taste-wise. Then to add to the taste level I brown the cornstarch in butter and then add the cherry liquid.

I needed to roll out the crust just a little more so I could make the lattice crust. Then an egg wash to make it shiny brown.

OK, so it boiled over a little and I will have to clean my oven. It’s still cute.

Merry Christmas.