Diabetic cake

Speaking of sweet cake, my uncle is diabetic and when I invite him over, to the extent that I can, I try to make a dessert that is sugar free just for him. I bought a sugar-free cake mix and added cocoa powder to the mix so he could have a chocolate cake. I threw in some extra vanilla and some sour cream. That makes the cake denser but it also distracts from the weird fake sugar after-taste.

What was actually delicious, though, was the frosting. Purchased sugar free frosting is awful. I can’t begin to imagine what’s in it. I used sugar free, instant chocolate pudding that I made into a liquid with about a quarter cup of half and half and then whipped that with just about a quarter of a block of cream cheese. It was very edible. I’d even eat it. Though, I’ll eat anything. Except anchovies.

The good thing about the box cake recipes is that you can divide the cake mix in thirds (I use a scale) and save it for next time.  So I make small cakes for him and it really doesn’t take all that much time.