A tale of two meats

This is an exquisite sandwich. Korean market-style, crunchy deep-fried chicken, lettuce, tomato and green goddess dressing. I made the first ones with breast meat and the second with thigh, hence the 2 different meats. I prefer the thigh generally speaking but the breast meat was easier to marinate, the thighs didn’t take up the marinade at all that I could determine. The thighs also seized up when they hit the hot oil so they were a strange shape on the bun. The breast meat was better sandwich shape but it was also better tasting. Most likely because it took up the marinade.

I hate the clean up after this kind of meal even though I do the actual deep frying outside somehow everything still feels greasy and the house stinks. Sometimes you just gotta do…

Oh and yes, that is potato salad and french fries. What?!?! They do that in Ireland, fer chrissake. Seems legit.