Famous inventors

My friends Gail and Dawn, sisters and sometime readers of my blog, came up for dinner and brought me hostess gifts (I am not sure if I should be saying “host gifts” which doesn’t sound right but being, you know, gender fluid and all, I’m fine with hostess). Dawn brought me a “frozen herb keeper,” a device with which you compress and freeze fresh herbs after which you can grate them into your food. It’s a clever idea and in reading the back of the hang card I discovered that it was invented by the Famous Inventor David Holcomb. I’m not sure exactly who he is and what else he’s invented but I can say confidently that he’s got a fierce ego. As a graphic designer who’s occasionally designed packaging I know that that little testament on the bottom isn’t going to increase sales and was certainly not the idea of the designer. We hate that kind of shit.

Gail, having read about my apple coring travails, brought me a melon baller. I don’t know who invented them since his or her name and title, if you can call “famous inventor” a title, wasn’t on it. Thank god.