Journey, the band

First night in Vail. I ate at Pazzo’s. I love Pazzo’s. Pizza. They have other things but like with France and croissants, why eat them when French bread is available. Usually I sit at the counter and watch the frantic making of pizzas. But last night there was no room so I sat in the dining area and watched the huge crowd of people. Across from me was a family of 4 who were all on their own personal devices. Mother father 12ish girl and 9ish boy. I don’t really have a problem with that. I mean, I guess I do but it’s the way the world is spinning and I can’t take on another issue. God, I have so many of them.

Anyway, the music at Pazzo’s is awesome. Hungry Like the Wolf came on and while vaguely singing along I realized some of the lyrics sound exactly like “pizza and wine.” A Journey anthem came on and while I’ve never been that much of a fan, I loved hearing it. The the family’s pizza came and they all put away their devices and joined their table scene. Just then a Police song came on and they all in unison started head-dancing to Da Do Do Do. It was really cute.