I’m practically Amish

So first I made soap, then I made butter. I can just picture myself in that getup. I like that Amish style. I need a hat.

It is shockingly easy to do, make butter. And this isn’t just any butter. It is cultured butter. It plays Scarlatti. Just kidding. It doesn’t. Cultured butter is butter that has been allowed to ferment slightly and then churned. I used my yogurt as the fermenting culture. The cream and yogurt sit at room for 24 hours getting close to being crême fraiche. (In fact, this how you make crême fraiche, but it ferments for a longer time.)

I put 4 cups of fermented cream into the food processor and it took 2, maybe 3, minutes. After that the buttermilk is drained off and then butter gets rinsed several times to get all the buttermilk out, apparently it will go rancid very quickly if all of the buttermilk isn’t rinsed out. But that’s it. I wrapped it in parchment and, boom, it’s done. Now I just have to draw all the little measurements on it.

Tomorrow I will make bread. Then I will taste it.