So I bought a crepe pan in Paris. I’m sure I can get the same pan on the internet but I was in Paris, and in the throws of the romance of Dehillerin, the fine and charming cookware store in Paris. I’ve been wanting to make galettes, the savory version of crepes for months now. I poached some chicken breast, made a mushroom sauce with sherry and thyme. Made the batter which is easy except that you use buckwheat flour (which isn’t hard but not something most people have on hand) and voila! They weren’t as foldy as they ought to be but they tasted fine.

I need to make them again before I put the pan away forever.

Morning crepes

This morning Ashish made crepes. One can imagine that a man who has (just guessing here) upwards of 20 copper pots and pans would also have a batter bowl (actually 2), an actual crepe pan and one of those little wooden crepe flattenizers and one would imagine correctly. The crepes were perfectly made (and I should know because last spring Karen and I took an utterly boring crepe-making class) and he filled them with nectarines that he sauteed with a very little sugar. I had mine with the leftover cambozola cheese and a glass of the gazpacho juice, it was an amazing breakfast. Three Zs in that sentence even if I had to make it a run-on sentence to accommodate that idea.

Oh, and there’s a shot of his copper pots in case you didn’t believe me.