Craquelins si faciles

You have got to make these crackers. They are amazingly good and spectacularly easy. Better than Triscuits.

I made this particular batch for my French class dinner although I neglected to make their presence known on my carte du jour. Which is unfortunate because I like making up faux-french sounding phrases for the amusement/annoyance of my fellow francophiles and and of course for the embellishment of the menu. The more elaborate and foo-foo the frenchier.

Recipe follows.

So Freaking Easy Crackers

(Craquelins si faciles, in French)

Originally Morine’s Cheese Puffs but these are not puffy

and I have modified the recipe

Oven 450 degrees

1 cup flour, I imagine rice flour works…

2 cups shredded cheese 

(melting-kind-of-cheese, cheddar, Monterey Jack, whatever.

 I like to grate my own cheese but in this case I 

used a bag of pre-shredded “Mexican” cheese)

1.5 sticks melted butter

1 tsp Cayenne pepper (or not)

I added garlic powder and thyme 

but you could add nearly anything, 

even fucking anchovies if you were a horrible person. 

Mix and put TB sized balls on a baking sheet spaced apart, 

they spread a little

Bake at 450 for 12-15 mins.


A big plus here is that you can make the dough in advance and 

keep it in the refrigerator or you can bake them in advance too.