Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals Cracker Chips

Yesterday Loralyn came over to watch the West Wing (though this did not occur because I do not know how to use a DVD player) and we ended up just talking. But in the mood for cheese and crackers I walked over to the store and bought a bunch of different kinds of crackers. These, the Pepperidge Farm “Baked Naturals,” (whatever that means) Simply Cheddar, multi-grain cracker chips were disgusting.

I have no idea what exactly “natural” means here, it is just like any other cracker/chip sorta thing. I get the multigrain idea since there were some different textures and black seedy type things going on. But the most remarkable thing was the “cheddar” of which there was nothing discernable at all. Instead there was the distinct flavor of soy sauce.

I gave one to Loralyn to try without telling her what it was. She said, “Oh! Soy sauce!” Maybe soy sauce makes things natural.

My suggestion would be to avoid them. Stick to those little fish crackers if you have to buy a Pepperidge farm product.