I got a turkey so I made a cake

Bear with me. I was gonna go to my sister’s in LA for Thanksgiving but then, last minute, the COVID dreads got the better of me and I decided not to go. Instead I will be making dinner for a small group. I immediately called my go-to place to see if it was too late to order one, it was. So I decided to get one from Whole Foods, you know, organic yada yada. As it turns out my car was in the shop getting a new bumper (long story) but I didn’t want to waste another day so I walked there with a back pack. Once I was there I picked up a few other items including a dozen eggs. When I returned home the eggs were no longer in my back pack. Dammit to hell.

My inclination was to just forget about it. But then I thought about litter, the mess, rats. I walked back and sure enough . . . only three were broken! So I decided to make a cake. I chose a German chocolate cake. Afterwards I wondered if it was really German because I have not seen them there.

In fact they were invented 50 years ago in Texas by a man whose last name was German.

Poor homely thing. But I have learned from the Great British Baking Show that it doesn’t matter so much how they look, it’s how they taste that counts. I mean, really, I knew that but sometimes one must remind one’s self.