Counter space

This is my counter space. It is pretty much all I have to work with. It is about 3×4 but it is cluttered with all sorts of shit that makes the useful area about 2×2. I do have some other space next to the sink, and there’s a little area on the other side of the stove but both of those places are essentially staging areas. I catered a party for over 100 from this little space. I have made Thanksgivings for more than 20 on several occasions. An Indian meal for 40 and various and sundry other massive meals for various and sundry other occasions. And really, it’s never been a problem.

My friend Gail complained about her small counter yesterday and I got to thinking about mine. I used to have a kitchen the size of Lambeau Field until I was downsized into a phone booth kitchen and while I’m sure it’s inconvenient I don’t really think about it too much. It’s more about advanced planning than anything. Considering how messy I am, it’s a miracle anything edible gets out of there.

Made chili last night.