Glorious grilled food

Last weekend at the cottage I made grilled nectarines for dessert. I would say that this is an easy thing to make, and it is. For me. I bought the pound cake, and, obviously, the nectarines. But painting the pound cake with butter and then doing the same with nectarines but also sprinkling them with brown sugar and a bit of salt is messy as hell. You can do that in advance so it’s not a last minute thing, so there’s that. Caramel sauce is easy and can be very unmeasured. Butter brown sugar, rum and salt. Gotta have salt in it. And grilling isn’t so hard unless you don’t do it right but that’s pretty much how everything in life is, isn’t it?

I served it with ice cream. But not the Kiltie frozen custard I’d planned on. Since Loralyn ate the entire half gallon I had in the freezer at the cottage the week before.