Venice on a couple of candles.

Corte dei Servi is the name of the place we are staying in Venice. It means Court of Servants.


I’ve been lighting candles all across Europe and apparently it’s working out. Although I had no intention in mind when I lit them (for those of you who aren’t Catholic, or weren’t, you light candles so that they do the praying for you. You express your wish and light a candle in front of a particular saint and hope they come through for you. I couldn’t think of anything to wish for so when I lit my candles I was thinking everything is pretty ok right now, thanks, here’s a candle on me) I got some screamin’ luck to have found this place in Venice. I’ve never stayed in such a nice place. Inside the walled entrance is a huge and glorious private garden. The kitchen, hyper-modern, is completely stocked with fresh fruit, jam, wine (white however, gotta light a few more candles for that apparently), cheese, sausage, bread, crackers, coffee maker (Nesspresso!!), toaster oven, full kitchen range, washer-dryer, fax machine!! Upstairs are three full bedrooms with individual bathrooms all with modern fixtures. And the owner (Sebastiano) is the sweetest guy. He left us with the key and told us to stop by his restaurant to pay.

To be fair about it, we rented the one bedroom apartment and he’s letting us stay in the larger one for the same price. There are 2 apartments that share this courtyard and another that has its own private section. He’s charging us $150 a night!!