Chili, of a sort

A fellow Milwaukee food blogger, Cooking Secrets for Men, recently posted a recipe for Cincinnati chili. Something that had completely fallen off my radar so his posting inspired me to get on top of the situation.

Cincinnati chili, like the chili at Real Chili is a more or less composed dish. A base of pasta (generally speaking it would be spaghetti but I used penne or rigatoni or something, I don’t think the Cincinnati police, unlike the Royal Indian Mounted variety were gonna kick up too much of a fuss). The noodles are topped with sauce, like you would with spaghetti, followed by beans, if you want, and shredded cheese.

I made a third of a recipe (which is on the back of the packet), measuring the spice mix on my not-very-trusty scale and using a third of a can of tomato paste but it worked very well. I also added the glorious Rancho Gordo beans. And it was enough for 2 meals easily (and some intermittent snacking).

His recipe and procedure is here. He uses ground turkey because there is less grease but I find that the grease is one of its charms.