A box of Cornflakes

Makes a shitload of cookies. I got the Cornflakes to make the cookies but the recipe only used 1/3 of the box. So I made 3 batches. I didn’t want a box of Cornflakes sitting in my cabinet forever. Baking them all goddam afternoon was a bitch. But having them in my house…that’s a problem. 

I took a batch to an Oscar night party (The movie about the woman having sex with the fish won in case you, like me, couldn’t be bothered to watch to the end. Or even to the middle for that matter.) And I took a huge batch to my office. I took so many that they lasted for 2 days (and these people eat cookies!) And I still have a billion of them at home…calling to me when I am casually waltzing through the house suspecting nothing. Like those mermaids luring sailors to the rocks. It’s a safe bet I ain’t having sex with mermaids no matter who the hell won the Oscar. But I may have had a cookie or 2.