Coleslaw, of a sort

Back when I was a jerk, a soda jerk more precisely, I used to periodically work in the kitchen besides making sundaes, malts and ice cream cones. And when you made a fish fry it, french fries and coleslaw all went into a compartmentalized foil tray.

The coleslaw was just sliced cabbage, nothing else and you poured a glug of Henri’s Tas-tee coleslaw dressing on it. I loved that stuff so much. I’d pour it on any damn thing. Good with french fries, fried chicken, fried shrimp, anything, well anything fried anyway. I may possibly have just poured it from the bottle directly into my mouth from time to time.

So . . . whilst waltzing down the salad dressing aisle recently in search of Miracle Whip this caught my eye. No longer called coleslaw dressing, vying I am sure, for a wider audience than raw cabbage eaters, it still looks pretty much the same and I was immediately transported back to the kitchen at the Kiltie. Those were the days.

I ran back to the produce department and grabbed a bag of shredded cabbage and voila, coleslaw. I forced my nephew to tell me it was delicious. He may have been humoring me but I thought it was an A++.