Where there’s squash there’s bound to be soup

I had the squash, and then a recipe that involved cashews and coconut milk made an appearance. You cannot not make that. Especially now that I have that handy food mill (not handy, plus messy) and have perfected my sieve cleaning techniques. That, after all, is the problem with them, they’re a pain in the butt to clean. This recipe, which I didn’t follow at all, was excellent. Blending the cashews with the coconut milk was a good idea but it still needed a whirl ’round the food mill and a second sieving. 

I took the extra coconut and whizzed it up with a little cream cheese to give it body and then served it on top of the soup with some pistachios. I’ve used too many superlatives in this blog to actually trot one out and make is seem superlative. This was like velvet luscious magic on a cloud of dreams. Sorry.