Putting the grill pan to bed

It is surprising considering the amount I use them that I don’t treat my grill pans with more respect. Granted, they are filthy, rusty and impossible to clean in any real way. But this past weekend, with not much to do aside from organize my closet, I brought my grill pans in from the balcony and cleaned them up for their winter hibernation (unless I need to grill something and I do grill all winter but for the moment I can cross this off my list of to-dos). Anyway 25 minutes and about 3 cups of Bartender’s Buddy or whatever it is later they were close enough to clean that I was able to at least put them away. The rust was gone and whatever else on there was just gonna stay there, forever.

It’s interesting how lax I am about grilling stuff on gross black shitty grills and grill pans when in my kitchen if a pot has the least suggestion of any residual anything I will clean the hell out of it.