Merry Christmas?

Since Ashish’s reemergence on the Wisconsin scene has been delayed I decided to spend Christmas in Berlin with him. The only problem with this idea is how much I despise travel. I mean seriously hate it. But why invent reasons not to travel? Or as my friend Linda used to say, why buy trouble? It could go perfectly. Everyone else seems to have perfect flights and seamless connections.

Everyone else: Oh my flight left early and they upgraded us to Disney Princess level and we got pink champagne and Club crackers served by fairies in tutus and we landed a day early and got orchid leis even though we were in Ottawa and OMG the inflight lobster was amazing.

Me: Flight canceled just as I was leaving my house for O’Hare. Literally at the door with my jacket on. I was booked on a flight 5 hours later. I ended up taking a Coach USA bus which got hit by a car and then got stranded in the traffic of a huge freeway conflagration. See below. But that was only the beginning.

Brief outline: O’Hare. Flight delayed. Flight delayed. Fight canceled. Sent to a hotel. Next morning new flight at 11. Flight delayed, delayed, delayed. Boarded at 1. Sat in the plane until 3. My connecting flight was at 5:50 from Newark. I might, probably would miss it, I thought. So the anxiety of missing and then rebooking was waiting for me. I got a tiny bag of pretzels. We landed at 5:50. The flight attendant joyfully came to tell me my connecting flight was delayed until 6:30. Except that we sat on the tarmac in the plane until 6:30 but then my connecting flight was delayed until 9.

See where I am heading here? No Disney Princess, no champagne, no Club crackers, no leis.

Currently I am sitting in Newark. It is 9:44. Flight to Berlin delayed currently until 12:45. I am a seething hell pit of anxiety, anger, helplessness, annoyance and sweetness, for lack of a better word.

End part one. The easy part.

Not my mother’s Christmas cookies

For the first time in my adult life, I think, I did not make my usual Christmas sugar cookies. Last year in a blind taste test against my sister Mary K’s sugar cookies I lost. I can admit defeat, through gritted teeth but still, an admission.

The humiliating sting of the loss sticks with me even now but being able to admit defeat is one of my stronger suits. Actually not the strongest of the stronger of the suits, but a suit just the same. Like the difference between a swimming suit and a tuxedo.

Anyhoo, I made her sugar cookies this year. On the plus side, they are delicious. On the not-so-plus side, they are pain in the butt to make. They have to be rolled out between parchment and then taken off the paper with an offset spatula. And while that’s not as much fun as, say, the teacup ride at Disneyland, it does have one advantage. The remaining dough can be rolled back out without a lot of extra flour which was always the problem with my mother’s favorite sugar cookie.

Anyway, that’s done and I can check it off my to-do list. You can find the recipe here