Chocolate malt cake

This cake was amazing. And yes, I did use a box cake mix. Three layers of malted milk chocolate cake, malted hot fudge glaze, and malted crunchy (sorta) topping was freaking awesome. Adapted freely from the Milk Cookbook. And when I say freely, I mean super, wildly free, like running unclothed except for a few brightly colored silk scarves in the forest free, since I doubt they’d in any way approve of the use of the box cake. But I used malted milk instead of water, 4 instead of 3 eggs, 1/2 cup of oil instead of 1/3, a box of Hershey’s chocolate pudding and some other secret embellishments. But the glaze on top and between the layers which required a cup of glucose (who just has that lying around their house? Answer: me) was astonishingly delicious.

Unfortunately, it was a disaster for my kitchen. And the wire whisk, which has a handle that is heavier than the whisk part, flipped out of the bowl twice onto the damn floor. Glucose is not easy nor necessarily fun to clean out of a rug. But you could probably boil the kitchen runner on my floor and get a pretty flavorful, if not particularly delicious, broth of some sort.


God I hate frosting cakes. I don’t like making frosting and I dislike the actual putting on of the frosting. I made a devil’s food/malt cake for the group lunch this week. I used a quarter cup of malt syrup in the cake. I put a third of a cup of malt syrup in the frosting. It just tasted like chocolate. It wasn’t bad but I wanted the chocolate malt experience.

I frosted it on the base of a cake carrier because I was going to take it to take to work. The lid however, wasn’t high enough to accommodate the cake and squashed onto the cake and when I pulled it off, the entire top cake off on the inside of the carrier lid. I swore at it. Which didn’t help.

Then I scraped it out and reapplied it, covering the whole thing Ovaltine to hide the mess. That worked out alright but I couldn’t put the goddam top on of course. And when I went to cut it, the frosting was too hard to cut nicely. I considered swearing at it again but suspected that wouldn’t do any good either.

I need a frosting recipe.

Chocolate Malt Cake

I made this cake last weekend. It is a box cake. I mean out of a box, although it is box shaped as well. I get 2 smaller cakes out of one box. The baked cake layers refrigerate very well and it’s very handy when you have frequent dinners and parties.

This one is a devil’s food cake to which I added an extra egg, a quarter cup of yogurt (plain, full fat), vanilla, malt powder and a pinch of salt. After I poured it into the pan I put “malt crumb” a recipe from the Milk Cookbook, onto the top of each layer.

For the frosting I used one part butter to one part cream cheese, about a quarter cup of cream into which I put about 3 tablespoons of malt. Gotta use Ovaltine actually, nothing else dissolves as well. And then I melted about 4 oz of chocolate, bittersweet I think. Anything will work, pinch of salt and a drop of vanilla. And whipped it all up.

 I used an adjustable pan (more on this remarkable contribution to the culinary world later) to make 4 smaller layers and use only 2 of them to make one cake. They’re littler cakes but people eat less these days it seems and I hate having leftover cake. I will eat it.

Mess, continued

The product of this messy kitchen was a chocolate malt cake. It was brilliant. My friend John who ranks quite high on the picky eater scale (who in the world doesn’t like pickles??) willingly ate it again the next day. I neglected to take a picture of it. But I have enough for another so that can be another posting. 

Remains of the day

Last night I took the scraps from the chocolate malt cake I’d made a week or so ago and made bread pudding. I cut the leftover cake into cubes, toasted them lightly, then put them in a malt custard. I topped it with the malt crunch filling that was also left over. I served it with vanilla ice cream. It was over-the-top-delicious.

Hellish cake

I’m not sure why but I am fascinated by a cookbook from a restaurant called Milk. I love how the author thinks and I am awed by her inventiveness. For the second time I attempted to make her chocolate malt cake. I’m not so interested in eating it. I want to understand her procedures. Under the best of circumstances I am not tidy. With this, which requires endless bowls, I was less so. I’m told it was good.