I have made this so you don’t ever have to

Chocolate crepe cake. Food group met and the theme was make something you’ve never made and/or always wanted to. I have this crepe pan and have always wanted to make a multi-layered crepe cake. In this case, chocolate with whipped cream. You can see the recipe and a video here. There are many other variations and I won’t be making any of them either. This was bad enough. 

After the painful process of making twenty-some damn crepes begins the painful process of spreading whipped cream between the layers and following that the painful process of cutting away all of the messy edges. You put a plate on top and saw the mess off…I ate that part. The drizzling with chocolate ganache was a trip to the park. And it was beautiful.

Eating it though was not the sublime experience I’d imagined. Our meal had taken a turn towards the North African and it was delicious. I ate way too much. So much so that eating dessert was a chore. All that work and then eating it becomes the real task.