Crumbs and crumbles

I had 3 chocolate cake layers in my freezer and since I will do a little entertaining over the holiday season, I need to get some crap out of there. I started with them. As you can see there was an issue with the “bake,” as Paul Hollywood would say. I believe they were a little over-baked, some more than others…the cakes at the back of the oven get baked quicker because the temperature on this brand new oven that I paid 600 billion dollars for, is uneven. 

I often give my cakes a “crumb coat” of frosting which keeps the crumbs contained in a thin layer of frosting which is briefly refrigerated and then refrosted without the unsightly crumbs embedded in the outer frosting. 

In this case we’re going to call it a “crumble layer.” The damn thing was falling apart. I smooshed chunks into the middle layer and spackled on the frosting to keep it all together and threw it into the refrigerator before I frosted it again. It looked a tad lopsided but it tasted fine and I didn’t have Paul Hollywood here to tell me the “bake” wasn’t quite what it ought to be. 

I wonder if Nigella and Martha are friends

The cake itself is a Nigella Lawson recipe that is beyond weird to make. You use boiling water and the batter is looser than pancake batter. The frosting is Martha Stewart’s. And, aside from it being frosting so is something I am unfamiliar with, it is easy enough (if messy) to make. It went on like a dream.  I hope they don’t have any kind of conflict.

I took the leftovers to work where the jackals ate it practically before I could get it on the table, whatever issues Martha and Nigella have, not withstanding.

Squaring the circle

Recycled Chocolate cake. I love doing this shit. I made a chocolate cake for the office on Valentine’s day. God I hate frosting cakes. I admit I know hardly anything about making decent frosting. This is just melted chocolate, butter, raspberry jam and sour cream and it seems difficult to spread to me. Plus I hate thick frosting on cakes but this tastes lovely and who can really complain about chocolate. Well, I can complain about nearly anything but most of the people who work for me wouldn’t.

Usually this cake would have been consumed completely but not everyone in the office was eligible to have it (you had to have participated in our Valentine’s exchange and some people chose not to which is fine, but then, no cake for you. Said gleefully)

So after the mass feeding frenzy, I had 2 large slices leftover and several of the frosting-heavy end pieces. I cut all the frosting off the 2 large slices and threw it and all of the rest of the over-frosted pieces into the cuisineart and processed it with cream. The result was a lovely, easy-to-spread, creamy frosting that is utterly delicious. I pieced together and frosted the slices of cake, making something big enough for two and I will be serving to my friend Sandy with pot pie. More on that tomorrow. Assuming it was edible.