Can someone explain this?

Why do they put this plastic shit on organic bananas? Is it that they just cannot help themselves? Many things organic come in plastic. Is this a mass conspiracy? Oooooh, so you want organic, do you? Well have some damn plastic with it….we’ll show you! Organic romaine comes in zip lock plastic bags where not-organic Bibb lettuce comes loose. Why is this? And which is the better solution for the environment? The plastic bag the organic lettuce comes in or the not-plastic-bagged not-organic lettuce?

I’d like to know the cost/benefit ratio. How many points does this bit of plastic take off the organicness of it? If it had a 75% (Shipping from Guatemala takes a bunch of points off [unless it was brought here under solar power which I am sure it was not] and  it also has the plastic Organic sticker on it, so it cannot start at 100%) Does this little plastic lower it to a 70? 

And so if this little bit of plastic essentially reduces its environmental impact to a 70. What is the non-organic banana without the plastic hat on it? 65? It’s way cheaper.  

I suppose I could google it. OH DEAR GOD….I did and I found even worse…. “At one Chiquita-owned plantation in particular, Finca Santa Rita, workers have suffered wage theft, anti-union retaliation, grueling labor conditions, and ‘have struggled for years to resolve conflicts with management and gain secure recognition of their membership,’ reports ILRF’s US Labor Education in the Americas Project (USLEAP).” [10]

It’s impossible to unknow this. But I can get fair trade bananas at Whole Foods. . . so I guess that’s what I’ll have to do from now on. Goddammit.