Caramelizing in the great out of doors

I really can’t stand the smell of caramelized onions. Not particularly when I am making them but I really hate the smell after I’m done with them. It lingers in my apartment for days. So on a nice day recently some on the side burner on my grill. After I got the cob webs that were preventing me from lighting the damn thing, I threw three in a pot with butter and a jolt of Worcestershire sauce. The results, I thought could be useful for many reasons, chip dip, in rice and beans, on hamburgers. The problem was that 3 onions yields enough for chip dip. And it gave me hella heartburn.

Impossible to open, part 2

Seriously, WTF? Why is this ridiculous, unopenable protective cover on MIracle Whip (yes, Miracle Whip, I love the stuff) they don’t have it on Hellman’s mayonnaise, why does Kraft have to go to these idiotic lengths? There’s just no point to it and, as I’ve said, doesn’t anyone at Kraft use these products? What you are looking at is the top of the jar, the protective cover torn and opened, but not completely removed. And yes, my chip dip was exquisite.