Easter pie

My family has mostly shed the traditional meals of the holidays years and years ago. We do have turkey at Thanksgiving but at Christmas we have an assortment of lasagnas for every taste and food issue. It’s about coming together with family and friends and eating something special. For Easter this year I made chicken pot pie. I mean, you just cannot lose with this amazing dish and the end of meals like this is coming soon. This is a winter dish, soon it’s going to be all cucumbers, tomatoes and grilled things.

Yes Carol, I made the pastry crust (easy as pie, as it were). And the chicken thigh filling and unlike most times when I send all the leftovers home with people, I kept some for myself. And that’s as big a compliment as I’ll ever give myself.

Instapot hidden benefits

It turns out that these are pretty handy after all. I used the sauté feature to brown the chicken for a pot pie. Then after I removed the fat, I put all the chicken (legs and breast meat) into the thing and pressure cooked it all. The real plus here though is that it didn’t get chicken grease all over my cooktop which is impossble to clean.  : (

Chicken pot pie for shut-ins

Aren’t these the cutest things? I made a chicken pot pie for my currently-lying-on-the-floor-with-back-problems friend, because it wasn’t a great big one, I had plenty of leftovers so I made a couple extras for friends. I didn’t have any of it but I am told they were delicious. I’m sure they were but mostly they were cute.

Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie

And when I say chicken pot pie, I mean the best fucking thing I’ve eaten in a year. Hands down the most delicious, savory, toothsome, mouthwatering, fabulous meal I’ve had in recent memory.

Based on a recent Cook’s Complicated, er, Illustrated show I watched, actually Cook’s Country. It’s not that complicated ingredient-wise but it’s a bit of a process. These pix aren’t the damn half of it. 

But it’s clever how they use the chicken to maximize the flavor. Brown the meat. Pour off but keep the fat. Deglaze the pot with chicken broth and then simmer the chicken until it comes off the bone. Make a roux with the chicken fat and thicken with the strained broth for a luscious gravy. Mix that with the meat and tuck it into a pie. Basically.

It was a lot more work than that but it was worth it. 

As with everything I have to make it a second time before I can write the recipe, because, as with everything, I have to do it my way not theirs.