The left behind

No matter how many times I tell people who are using my cottage not to leave ANY food. There is always food. I brought back frozen shit, pizza rolls (Never in my life have I had a pizza roll), ranch dipping sauce (?!), vodka, tequila, triple sec. OK, I know what to do with those but, uh, I didn’t look at this frozen leftover when I left it out to defrost. Apparently someone eats chicken legs. I can’t think of the last time I bought them. But there they were defrosted and what was I supposed to do?

I grilled them. And they were great. Especially with the tomatillo chutney.

Chicken legs, a no carbs dinner

I am attempting to use the food in my freezer. I don’t like to put food in there because it just gets lost like the warehouse in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Like these chicken legs. I got them from my organic, free range, local farmer over a year ago (It was supposed to be thighs but I didn’t look in the box until I got home and by then it was too late) and figured it was time to eat them. My mother loves chicken legs. I am not sure why. These, meh. They tasted gamey. I ate ’em. I had nothing else to eat. Unless I defrosted something else that would have required a lot of bother. And, in any event, I’d still be worried about what I’d end up with.

Anyway, I’m having them for lunch today too. I’m going to smother them in mustard. No carbs.