Slop, not slop

This is so not slop and yet…it has many of the earmarks of slop. Actually, the only thing this has in common with slop is it’s lack of calories. Bnls, skls chicken, tomato sauce. mushrooms. It’s chicken bolognese and I can make this in my sleep. What takes it out of the realm of sloppidness is the use of the food processor. I ground the meat, ground the carrots, celery, onions and chicken liver. I cut the mushrooms by hand.

It was delicious….

Chicken bolognese

I’m not sure what bolognese means exactly. Red sauce. Sage. Onions, carrots and celery. The Cook’s Complicated, er, Illustrated recipe calls for beef, pork and veal. Generally speaking I just use beef but I thought. Chicken, sage, onions, carrots and celery…what could be wrong about that? So I ground my own chicken and made it. It’s pretty easy. And I dumped in some mushrooms which I think violates something in the Bolognese Rule and Etiquette Handbook. But chicken and mushrooms? What could be wrong with that?

And nothing was. Until I neglected it for a few minutes, OK, an hour, to watch a documentary about parrots as pets, and sat weeping into my hands. Don’t get a parrot. Anyway I burned the sauce slightly. But that turned out to be OK. It’s just caramelization and it was good. Really good, just shy of great. Although I may have enjoyed it more if my eyes hadn’t been swollen shut from crying so hard.