In other yogurt news

So now I am making my own yogurt in my instant pot. It’s worked really well. I no longer need to buy it (in plastic containers) but on a recent trip to an exotic supermarket (Cermak) I saw this in the yogurt section of the dairy case. I really love foreign packaging. I am just a sucker for it. So I bought it. I did have a momentary concern that someone might attack me or put my name on a list somewhere. And, really, for all I know they have.

And sorry, but this stuff was really sour. I added some of my sister’s honey to it and it was still sour. So now I’m on a list somewhere and have a vat of nearly inedible yogurt in a fun container to show for it. 

Plastic bags

I am sickened by this image. I hate plastic bags. I have at least 15 non-disposable (re-useable) shopping bags. Usually there are like 7 floating annoyingly around inside my car with another 2 or 3 in my brief case, many more in my apartment on chairs and the floor (adding to the general clutter) with an occasional one in a coat pocket. I have 6 nifty nylon ones my ex-wife gave me one christmas that fold into tiny capsules and they are particularly handy. Plus they look cool. So I don’t think about bringing bags along because they just always are along. Or in my way.

So I drove all the way to Target and Cermak and realized I didn’t have any in the car  : (  Now the dilemma here is whether to drive back and waste time, and gas or just get the goddam bags they give you. As you can see I opted for the saving time but not necessarily the environment. I don’t know what 30 minutes of gasoline equals in plastic bags.

And yes that is a head of iceberg lettuce in the one bag. And yes, I know it has no known nutritional value. Don’t care.


I’m not sure when this store opened. And I don’t really know who knows its open, there weren’t a whole lot of people in it. I don’t see advertising for it, but then I don’t see a lot of advertising anyway. 

But it is GINORMOUS and fabulous. It was like shopping in Oz. Huge aisles filled to overflowing with all sorts of glorious things. And Munchkins laboring fastidiously over it all. Or maybe they were Mexicans.

The produce section, replete with asian, mexican, and other weird and exotic fruits and vegetables was the size of an average Pick n Save. They make their own tortillas. They have a taco bar. Sandwiches. Coffee shop. A massive cheese selection.

But there was no one there. Or maybe it seems that way since it’s so huge. What happens to all that produce? Meat? Things that spoil? They can’t possibly sell all of it.

And what about all the small stores it’s replacing? I love El Rey. There is no way El Rey could compete with this selection and the cheap prices. It’s like a food Walmart. Except that Walmart is crowded, filthy, disorganized and confusing. And Cermak was hyper-organized, clean and seems to be to be more like a vacation destination than a grocery store.