Growing my own celery

At the risk of turning into my mother I finished a head of celery (I had to look that one up I never knew the bunch was a head of celery, I only deal with stalks) and decided to grow my own again. I did this last year and was successful (one of my few home-grown food successes). We did this in grade school with carrot tops. I don’t think we ended up with carrots, just the ferny tops but I was sufficiently impressed that I still remember it. Celery grows really fast and I can put it out in the garden early since it is cold loving. And then I’ll have celery for a my celery needs. Which as far as needs go, I can really only come up with Bloody Marys and tuna salad. But there must be more. I use a lot of it. Unless my Bloody Mary consumption is out of control. Oh yeah, it is Lent after all and tuna is on the menu more than usual but I doubt I’ll be harvesting celery before the Easter bunny arrives.

Produce report: Celery

Last winter when I finished a bunch of celery (I seem to use a lot of celery although I don’t talk about it much), I put the remaining inner core of it into a glass of water which rooted and I successfully planted into my garden in the spring. The individual stalks are pretty thin but they have great flavor and I can just waltz out into the garden and pick what I need. As an added bonus, the squirrels don’t eat it. Obviously then, they are not drinking bloody Marys.

Also this: First attested in English in 1664, the word “celery” derives from the French céleri, in turn from Italian seleri, the plural of selero, which comes from Late Latin selinon,[6] the latinisation of the Ancient Greek: σέλινον, translit. selinon, “celery”.[7][8] The earliest attested form of the word is the Mycenaean Greek se-ri-no, written in Linear B syllabic script.[9]