Root soup

I got 2 large celeriac roots in my CSA this week. I really have no clue what one does with this but had read a recipe for roasted root vegetables. So I roasted them, along with some carrots, turnips, potatoes, onions and garlic and then I blended it all with chicken stock. It was not terrible but it wasn’t something I’d eat. It tasted vaguely like the chop suey my mother used to make which was just stew with celery and bamboo shoots. In any event, it tasted chinese but without the deliciousness part.

I made it Indian-ish. I added curry powder, ginger, coriander, all the Indian standards. Indian-ish is Ashish’s code word for not-at-all-Indian which is how he regards my attempts at Indian cooking. It’s Indian-ish but not Indian.

Whatever it is, it’s very tasty now.